It Describes So Much In Life

I love a broad range of music, What songs and  genres I listen to depend on my mood. I always seem to find something somewhere that describes things I've experienced in my life, or reminds me of someone in someway. at any rate, I have to listen to music all the time, I feel like something is missing If I don't. If I'm sad It can make me happier. If I get to feeling too overconfident about something It has a way of humbling me. If I'm happy It makes me feel like dancing. Sometimes If I'm sad I listen to songs that are sad, It will make me cry, and then I feel a little better afterward. I am amazed sometimes at  how no matter what, there seems to be a song somewhere that can describe something  that has gone on in my life, almost like it was written just for me. I actually love this, and couldn't imagine not having music in my life. I have a musical history in my family, my great grandparents and my grandparents had a family band back in the 30's and 40's called the Manson family quartet.( and no before you ask, no relation to another manson who was famous for something horribly gruesome) I have just always felt as long as I can remember having such a deep connection to music and how things relate to me in life.

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1 Response Mar 10, 2009

I think everyone must feel this way at one time or another...