My Brain Is A Massive Maze With A Microscopic Exit

I can't help but over think every little thing. It makes it really hard to learn in class because whole the teacher is explaining something I'm already majorly confused about something I am picking up on that is so small and unimportant. I also have the attention span of a glass of orange juice and can only actively listen for about 20 second intervals. This causes social problems because I tend to either tune out of boring conversations and completely dominate interesting conversations. It's mot like I wish I didn't have the ability to think so deeply but I do wish I had more control over my over active brain. Adderall helps but I started abusing because I hate the comedown. It starts becoming like a battery that runs out and when it does I'm a zombie. Any ideas or strategies from people who know what I'm talking about
Mikeykeyz Mikeykeyz
18-21, M
May 24, 2012