The Quest For Insight Into The Hearts And Souls Of Others

People are the ultimate mystery. Anyone who has ever been in a long term relationship can tell you that. Anyone who has ever had contact with others can understand that. I have spent my life on a quest to understand the secrets of the universe. Here is one.

Language is very limited in it's power to describe the heart. For one thing the "heart" resides in the right side of your brain where there is no language only images and feelings. 

No one can tell you a secret of the universe. You cannot find an answer to a secret of the universe in any book, movie, of scripture. No one can whisper an answer into your ear. The best you can hope for is for someone to describe a path to an answer. No two paths are ever exactly the same leading to an answer but many are similar. Here is my simple path leading to some insight into the hearts and souls of others.

True empathy is feeling what others feel, not understanding what others feel but actually feeling it. Empathy is both a blessing and a curse as all gifts are. Empathy is what you feel when looking into the hearts of others. The window into the heart of others can be found after a long and determined quest to find it but you can never be absolutely sure you have found it.

The journey starts with a maze of mirrors just like at an amusement park only these mirrors reflect images of your own soul to you. Some are distorted some are not. Most are scary, some are ultimately terrifying. The trick to finding your way through this maze is to keep your eyes open and examine what you see in each mirror very carefully no matter how hard that may be because each mirror contains a clue to the next step.

In the maze other people will come into your life. Every single one brings to you a clue to another step. You may need this clue right at that moment, and this is often the case, but the clue being brought to you may be needed many steps down your path. The key is to always be open to the clues others bring you.

At some point you will notice a pool. This is your soul. There is a doorway that leads to the window looking into the hearts of others but it is at the bottom of this pool. just like in the mirror maze your soul contains many doors. The doorway you seek is at the very deepest point in this pool and you will have to dive very deep to get there. It takes time and practice to learn to dive that deep but keep at it. The view from that window can be very enlightening.

In my case I am at a place where I just want to draw down the blind and rest. Maybe I need to go deeper.
51-55, M
Jan 17, 2013