Mods I Am Seriously Contemplating.

Please keep in mind, that I am not gay. I am not attracted to men, nor can I even appreciate what are attractive qualities in men (besides generic things like muscles, height, etc.). I don't even recognize any attractive qualities in myself. Not that I think I'm ugly, I'm just neutral on my attractiveness. I believe that is why i'm so interested in so many feminizing mods. Its just so that I will be able to look in the mirror and see something I like, rather than something I'm just neutral about. And I most certainly do not have a neutral opinion on the female form.

I saw a while back, and have been actively researching, a behind the scrotum urethral reroute. Near as I can tell there are no real drawbacks. That is probably my main goal right now, in addition to the removal of all my body hair, everything up to the neck.

Things I'm pretty sure I will get: butt and hip augmentations. I would really love a more feminine figure. I don't like my straight hips and my butt seems kinda flat.

Things I'm pretty sure I want, but may not go through with: Breast Implants. The epitome of femininity. I would absolutely love to get a pair, but with such a strict family, I don't think it would go over so well.

Things I'm interested in: MTF SRS
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You never know what the future will bring. Who knows maybe you will end up getting all of it.

Interesting ... I would be happy to chat with you about a urethral relocation and hormones to feminize the body, both of which I have, and also to share what I know about SRS too. My only regret is that I didn't start HRT and have my relocation sooner.

If you would prefer direct messaging that would be fine, but I'm sure others might have some of the same questions as myself, so I don't mind openly discussing. If there's anything that is too personal to discuss direct messaging is also ok.

So the first question I have, is about how much did the reroute cost? Also have you ever tried plugging the reroute, to try and pee or to ********* normally (possibly for reproduction or for sheer novelty's sake)? Also the doctor who did it for you, would it be possible for a referral?

My main concerns are cost of course. Also I've been doing a lot of research into it, and can't find much info. I would like to someday have kids (not a major issue right now as I am single and kinda broke). And for the DIYers there doesn't seem to be a unified effective method of performing the reroute. They close up, they aren't nice and clean cut (sometimes effective, but sometimes look like the job was botched somehow). Also find someone to perform is, since it's an elective surgery, is extremely difficult to do.

So any info you have regarding these questions would be most invaluable.

No problem and I certainly don't mind sharing what I have to say with others as well. As for cost, well with a consult before, the operation its self, and post care (for me that was only once and that was to check how it was healing) it was I believe $400 ... give or take $50.
As for plugging my reroute, yes I have and I do it monthy, pressing a couple fingers against it to flush out that now no longer used part of my urethra.
The doctor who did mine, well she relocated to somewhere else about 6 months after she did me and I lost track of her.
You're right, though some try to DIY, few it seems are successful. It is a simple operation, as long as you know your anatomy and have some simple surgical skills. Easy for someone who has those skills, but since what is being done is between your legs where unless you are a contorinist or can work backwards in a mirror, definitely not a DIY proceedure. My wife and I wanted someone we were certain had the skills (no botched job) and that took some looking. We were talking with a surgical nurse and were about to go with her when low and behold we contacted back by a doctor of urology, who we had contacted earlier and couldn't get past the gate keeper at the front desk. So we met, obviously with her training she was well qualified, and we scheduled it for a week later on Friday at her office. She did a wonderful job, even though I still was a little sore I returned to work on Monday and I never have had a problem.
So what else do you want to know?

when not plugging, do you ever have any ***** or pee that makes its way up to the original opening by accident? Also what is your opinion on wearing feminine products (if any) to prevent any leakage? is it a major problem or would the gusset of women's underwear take care of it all?

For what it's worth, I've found a source for urethral toys that can easily be adapted to use when one wants to pee or ********* normally. If/when I decide to go through with mine, I already have what I need to "hide" the opening. It works like a catheter but never goes past the prostate and fits tightly yet comfortably so movement is easy and normal functions are not hindered. I began using it in various forms as a means of urethral like a dream. There are also solid versions in case one wants to insure nothing passes through the original opening.

Well my urethral relocation is open most of the time, I only close it off for a couple minutes montly to flush out my urethra, and no pee nor ***** go through it (path of least resistance). As for leakage, no more than most women have, predominently when if I laugh really hard. So yes the cotton gusset in my panties take care of that.

It is REALLY tough to find someone to do the surgery. What do you suggest I say to convince a urologist?

I know because it was tough for me too. But after about 6 months I just happened to find a urologist, who happened to be lesbian, to do me. So it takes some looking, often rejection, yet it doesn't have to be a urologist to be fully qualified to do it. It could be any doctor who does minor surgery or a surgical nurse ...

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