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I remember hearing as a child that, a woman giving birth is "one foot on the grave, and one foot in life"; depicting the risks and dangers involved.  
There is always death involved where there is Life involved, isn't there.  Not physical, but metaphysical.  Always.   Births aren't "pretty" per se.  They are traumatic, scary, extraordinary, beyond us.  So I think: "I've done traumatic, scary, extraordinary and beyond me......... why am I still in the cocoon?"  How much more "death"  ---the painful LETTING GO of things we've thought were true, things we held dear, ideas we held about people or things, that painful LETTING GO, is like dying ---; how much more of that do I need???  Apparently quite a bit!!   Is it true then that, psychologically it is always "Spring Cleaning" time?  that we should constantly seek our renewal by giving room for the new (wholesome attitudes, gratitude, faith, openness to new possibilities, etc.) and getting rid of the old? (any feelings of resentment, un-forgiveness, bad attitudes, lack of thankfulness, and FEARS).     Perhaps the things that I thought were holding me back aren't.  And others which I have not suspected of do hold me back.   How long will we tell ourselves lies?  Can I confront my truth as I perceive IT today?   Do I understand that sweeping truths under the carpet keeps me a prisoner?   I don't have to do anything about those truths today.  But I can acknowledge those things and be rooted on solid ground, on TRUTH.  What a privilege. ~  We are not called to be perfect, we don't even know perfection, (wouldn't know it if it hit us between the eyes, because we don't have that frame of reference since we are imperfect, so that's not the point), the point is to seek after our truth and become used to the often uncomfortable feelings Truth confronts us with. 
Evania Evania
41-45, F
4 Responses Feb 15, 2011

Wow!!!! I LOVE WHAT YOU WROTE!!!! It rings true in my heart :-) :-) Thank you!!!!! Hugs.

Thank you..... It is sometimes uncomfortable after I write something like this. I feel responsible to adhering to what I am saying and this isn't an easy topic. Ever. <br />
Thank you.................... xx

Thank you for sharing this. It shouldn't be such a struggle. But it is. We are only humans. And immature. I know I am. Maybe when I'm 1000 I'll be completely in balance........ There are things we can't handle, and that's valid so long as the reason we can't handle them isn't dishonesty. Or pride.

I remember when I was younger and much more idealistic I went through the whole "find the truth" phase. I think most everyone has at some point in their lives wrestled with that one. I am now at an age where my thinking has shifted to "let the truth find me"...after all I am much less elusive and easier to find.<br />
In the movie Tomb Raider:Cradle of Life we find the heroine Lara Croft awakening to a great truth. Early on she states "everything lost is meant to be found" but later realizes "somethings are meant to remain a secret".