That shower...was fresh and I feel better now, I wore white flowery cotton tights, double garments, and a random shirt I grabbed fom my wardrobe.

Now back to where I left off. My childhood years, I sacrifice my blanket just to protect my bed, that time I was young and I didn't know much, it was a pretty thick blanket so I thought ****** in it would protect my bed from being wet. The first time I tried it I folded it into a rectangle, slept where my **** would be one side of it, then I take the other end folding over my pants and tucking excess into my pants. I waited for a full bladder, and pushed as hard as I could and felt weirdly warm. I felt the blanket was warm but still try, so I continued using my blanket as a diaper twice weekly until I was 8 and I felt my capacity had increased and eventually ****** through my blanket, when my parents bought me two blankets, and I had ideas out of the box.
ZADoubleMesser ZADoubleMesser
26-30, F
Aug 29, 2014