In Time...

No... with my beliefs on what is good or not, I don't ever change. And I will aways stay a caring and loving friend, unless there is a HUGE reason for me to walk away. And I will have my own sense on what is just and fair, always. My silliness and quirks will never change either. :-D

But... my moods, my situations, and my understanding of things... these do change, with time. If you read the first half of my stories, they are one way... the other half is something of the opposite! I have had people not noting the date of my stories, rushing to me in PM's and yelling, "You're a contradiction! How can you be lonely, yet have friends and a boyfriend???" Check the dates! I started out here lonely, with no friends and no boyfriend... as time went on, I had gained friends, and no longer felt lonely. I had a boyfriend, yet now I don't anymore. For a while I was one way, now I am another, and in the future I may change still. =p

Only my situations change, not the core of my soul... which is silly, quirky, weird, passionate, and hyper me. And I guess that makes me a little contradictory, but I don't want to delete EP stories, even if I'm no longer in those situations or emotions. They are a reminder of where I've been and how far I've come. ;-)

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Jul 14, 2009