State Schools, Single Minded Failures.


I always saw a libertarian school system as a good idea. Many different teaching strategies would mean that parents might choose the type of education that appeals to them or the education that has the best proven results in comparison with other strategies. This might lead to an evolutionary trend towards whichever teaching style produced the best results. If schools are competing as individual units, they will be more inclined to produce better techniques for education. Economics in motion. The parents will demand the best, the schools will need to supply appropriately. This is what is lacking in state-schools.

I do not think an ‘across the board’ strategy would be all that effective; we need to try many different things and allow natural selection to show us the way. Economics is cool because it provides selection ,and puts the onus on the consumer to be fully informed. In this case parents would need to research which privatised school they wanted to send their offspring to.

Plus, in this system there would be lower taxes! Although those with kiddies will need to fit the bill for their privatised school.

Also, I think the idea of attending “Pepsi school’ or the ‘General Electric college’ sounds pretty neat.

What do you think?

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1 Response Aug 12, 2007

i'm a huge proponent of the fizzy brown beverage as well as all the wonderful and sometimes shiny electronic devices GE has provided me through the years ... i'm with ya on this one!<br />
<br />
but in all seriousness ... if we could utilize the same tax money we pay to the state and pay that amount to the private institution for tuition - perhaps a bit more knowing it's a better system and self supporting (for the most part) rather than run by the government and churning out more stupid children per generation ... it just makes sense!