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I Cook Nude Sometimes

ok so heres a bit more info about me. I love cooking in the nude, i have no idear where this came from, i mean i dont do it if we have company coming over that would be tacky--- or not depending on your point of view. when iam in this mood the only thing i have on is an apron (dont want to get splattered with hot grease now do i ) tia just says nothing and just lets me get on with it. i walk around the kitchen showing off my bum and my breasts sometimes she comes over to me while iam stirring a sauce stands behind me and massages my breasts trouble is this gets me hot and so sometimes we have to errr take a break from cooking and go in to the bedroom to ------errrr. ANYWAY there you have it, i love to cook nude (if you try this just watch out if your cooking bacon cos when that hot fat splatters on to your chest WOWWWW and guys if you try it watch your privit areas when you open the oven door especially if you have an erection lol)

mells mells 31-35, F 4 Responses Apr 25, 2009

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I tried it for the first time today wearing stockings and high heels! No-one was home so I decided to take some photos too.

He He what can i say? iam sure a shrink would love to get me on the couch. i just like to have a bit of fun and spice things up, my g.f doesnt say to much, if i act up when were out she just says i dont know her iam not even with her, mind you shes laughing as she says it. Hey pants r2pn that sounds like fun now if i only had a penis hmmm the fun i could have he he. wishformore if you ever come for supper i will cook nude for you lol.

Learned long ago not to do this. Besides when I am cooking my bf likes to come up behing me, pull my pants open and pee in the rear of my pants. <br />
And I do it to him when he does the dishes.

Mells...You are REALLY something else...XOXO