when i was at school in the early 1970, corporal punishment was used at my school, the tawse was frequently used , it was supposed to be a deterant, though not sure if it was, i as most boys were on the recieving end more than once, when i was in the fourth year i remember getting six of the best for unruly behaviour in class along with 6 other boys, i suppose it was rather stupid to get involved knowing the cioncequences, 3 on each hand was as i remember an ordeal, what surprised me was 6 girls who were involved also recieved the tawse 2 on each hand from the headmistress, a first hand account from one of the girls who went on to be a long lasting girlfriend, she said some girls did deserve it and should have known better.
stefanie2512 stefanie2512
56-60, M
May 11, 2012