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it appears that the headmasters caning were the worst from what ive read. i was only caned by the headmaster and not any teachers. i was given 2 or 3 strokes whilst bending over and having to steady myself by holding on to my knees. i dont think i could have taken 6 strokes without being supported by a chair or desk etc. my headmaster caned very hard which i imagine many did. it seems that most boys had support from a chair or desk even for a 2 or 3 stroke caning. were there many boys caned in the same fashion as myself and has any one recieved 6 strokes in this way..
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We often touched our toes for the slipper but it was unthinkable to get caned in that position. Even the toughest lad would have struggled to keep in position for the cane without a chair for support.

I would have found it impossible to take 6 from my head like that....thankfully I was allowed support and hung on like grim death to the desks edge

6 would have been very hard to stay in place for. most i had was 3 and they stung. he did make us bend right over. i wish now i looked between my legs but i just kept facing forewards.

The worst (best?) caning I had as a kid was when I was around 13 and had miserably failed a spelling test, again!
I was in PE where we wore only thin cotton shorts (definitely no undies) when I was called out of the lesson and told to bend over. I received 4 real stingers, the worst pain I had ever felt!

Strangely I later became addicted to being slippered and caned, something that has remained with me till today.

thats how i had all my canings. i did used to jump foreward on the second stroke, but stepped back again for a third if i was to recieve another. i do image it may have been easier if i had an item to bend over, but it hurt anyway. i believe he caned like that for many years ,,,

Even just placing hands on knees would be a very precarious position for a SIXER. Especially if it was well laid-on. As it should have been.

It wasent touching toes but bending right over with hands on knees.

At my schools both primary and secondary any bottom canings were given with the support of a desk to bend across.
I doubt that a SIXER would be taken by even the most resolute of boys without quite a lot of movement from a touching-toes position.

Boys at my school were always caned by the Deputy Head, with the lad bending over a chair for support. In class teachers would frequently instruct a boy to adopt a 'touching toes' position to be whacked with a slipper, but I never heard of this position being adopted for a caning, at least not at my school. I think I would have found it difficult to maintain a touching-toes position for even a two-stroke caning.

Even with the benefit of gripping the edge of the desk I would sometimes let go and be up like
a jack in the box grasping great handfuls of my bottom cheeks crying my eyes out...but Sir always made sure I got the full measure of cane cuts he prescribed

The strokes you had received before jumping up and rubbing simply wouldn't count and I would start your caning from the beginning...

But Sir sometimes I had taken 3,4,or 5 cuts before jumping up

You would learn very quickly I assure of my sons had the same trouble around 45 years ago...twice I had to start again ...he never jumped up again after 6 strokes had become 14

O heck ..14 cuts!

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