She Had Never Even...

After I started enjoying having my sweet lady friend and her submissive way of giving in...

I met a busty blue-eyed blonde with a sweet body a few years ago. She was one of those women with so much to offer a lucky guy, but because her family was so screwed up, they had her at her wit's end, with criticism all her life, so she never realized how desirable she was, as a person, a woman and a damn sexy one at that. Me, I didn't make that stupid mistake. I capitalized. Oh, yeah! 

I don't think she had ever made out with a guy, much less the hours on-end that we made love, in every possible way. She used to tell me she "loved my milkshakes," but when she jiggled, You have no idea, how much I loved hers. She had the sweetest pair of boobs I've run into (literally), with only 2 exceptions, of that I'm completely sure.

She had never been with a guy, but after me, she had been with a guy, namely me, in every way possible. And, she kept coming back for more. If she didn't have all those issues and the hellish mother and sister that went with them, she'd be stuck with me, even now. And I'd be smiling all the way to work and back home to her, as soon as possible. I'd even find some way to work from home, to avoid letting her get used by anyone else. Yep, I used her, she used me, and we both loved every minute!

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46-50, M
1 Response May 23, 2012

Forgot to add, the only thing I'd change is not losing her. She should've been a keeper.