I Coughall the Time,too

I sing and act in plays and I really have to make sure I am not in one of my coughing spells. The doctor said that the blood pressure meds I was taking could give me a cough so he changed them but I am still coughing all the time. Sometimes I can not get a breath in between.

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3 Responses Feb 27, 2009

I also need help my husband i coughing all the time and the doctor sent him for chest xray but they didn't see anything sometime he feel like vomitting day and night is the same thing he is also hiv positive please help

I am coughing all the time and the doctor sent me for a chest xray thinking it could be respirary problems but the xray came back fine. Is it due to Asthma?

Yes It could be... there are several types of Asthma, some ppl develop that at 15-18 yrs of age too... I had bad bouts of cough, I was put on long duration bronchodilators and they worked... I am better now.

My mother was taking blood pressure medicene and she had violent coughs also.