Sex On My Mind 24/7

I think about sex all the time. Every conversation I have I find myself inserting sexual comments, if not out loud at least in my head. Most of my friends have become used to it. I could have sex multiple times per day and it still would not be enough. I have a male roommate and we are friends with benefits. He is pretty active sexually but he even has issues with how often I want him. I have not found many other women who seem to have this problem. It affects my concentration on everything. I am willing to try anything new sexually just for the rush and to see if I like it. If I do then I keep doing it and if I don't then I won't do it again but I have to try to find out. My roommate and I have a lot of different toys that we use that would probably freak a lot of people out if they knew about them but we have so much fun when we are together and the sex is amazing between us. I will write him sexy e-mails explaining in full detail what I want to do to him the next time we are together or just send him erotic stories in his e-mail at least once per week. I would send them more often but he starts to get annoyed with me sometimes because it is truly all I ever think about. If it wasn't for all the diseases in the world my ideal profession would be a prostitute or a **** star so I could have sex all the time and get paid for it!
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5 Responses Jul 15, 2010

I don't think diseases with in the **** industry are that common. if u passed one onto someone they would never work with u again, surely?

ooooh baby. *** her and let me give you my very hard 8incher. Its all for you sweetie! Plus alot of *** too!

I am thinking the same thing. <br />
I would love some sexy emails. <br />
You are awesome and beautiful. <br />
Lucky roommate.

this is what i think when i sometimes taliking to someone @ work i wonder what her ***** tastes like, love her ***, i suck on those babies , just to name a few.

Hey, if you need someone to send erotic emails or something, feel free to send them to me. :)