~ If Only You Will Look ~

With your heart, not your eyes. Listen with your soul, not your ears. Sit with me & chat of important things. Hold my hand, & feel my touch. I'm not a supermodel, I'm not even a "normal" model. But my heart is pure love, my soul is sweet & gentle. I could be the dream your soul is seeking. The one love that will never betray you, never leave you, & never do anything to cause you pain viciously.

I am a woman, like all others. I have insecurities, self-doubts. I am a bit on the hefty side, & can be clingy at times. But I have an overflowing capacity for love. If I love you, it is for life. I will not run at the first sign of trouble, no matter what it may be. I will protect you before myself. I will hold you, love you, trust you, & keep you safe. I am a woman worthy of everything. If only you will open your heart to me............... I can be every dream you have had..........I can be YOURS!

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1 Response Mar 18, 2009

this is very beautiful!