Theres Nothing In Here That Binds Me to Stay


You that up there? thats where i want to live . Away from everyone and their crazy expectations , compromises and god knows what. Dont get me wrong i am someone who likes to helps other s but as time goes by it makes me more frustated because the more you help the more they seem helpless and you are not really doing a difference in my life kind of attitude that i hate so much . My energy has been drained , sucked up from them with not even a thank you , you suckers you are down cause you are enjoying it , .

Second my vitiligo condition grows with stress , my life would be so different if i was surrounded by the mistery of nature instead of tall buildings full of overly stressed competitive selfish robots , i wish i didnt have to say it like this but here i live


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2 Responses Mar 19, 2009

that was a very well written blog

"overly stressed competitive selfish robots"<br />
<br />
i like that. it describes a lot of people ive known