David Bowie/career Thief

Ive never mentioned this to anyone else before,and I ask that it goes no further than us,because Im about to write some complete drivel,on impulse.
 David Bowie,despite what he may claim,has NEVER met me.At best,he was in the car leaving the Wembley Arena after his gig there in "86 ,the "Thin White Duke" tour.I believe he spotted me amongst the waiting fans,and directed his driver to drive seductively past,very slowly,hoping to enrage me with his audacity,displaying his success wantonly,knowing in his heart that I should have been sitting there in his place,lapping up my adulation and praise that he had cruelly hoodwinked me out of by having the God given talent which I wanted,but was his.He can keep his wealth,fame and adulation,but I will never agree to meet him,even if he crawled on his hands and knees to my front door,which Im kind of half expecting,to be honest.
  I have standards.
Its probably better not to read anything in this group due to it all being absolute garbage.
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If he ever tries to bask on your reflected glory, I will unmask him!

you still here TE? :)

not meant negatively! :)


Thanks major! :) Hows things going?

Hanging in there!!! I coach college football and we\'re preparing for our first game so it\'s real busy time. Getting about 4 hours of sleep a night, not good! Thanks for asking!!
How are you doing brother?

Sounds like hard work,but fun!Good luck with your results.Im good bro,and thank YOU for asking! ;)

celebrities, a damn nuisance

:) I feel the same way about Brad Pitt:) Im like dude, stop! Its never gonna happen, No I wont go away with you, and use you for your body like a one horse track race that would save man kind! Eh, get outta here with all that! Not even my type.

I love this. Thanks it gave me a smile and a couple of giggles.

im just glad to get it off my chest! :)

:) I'm glad for you.

sorry Nim,this kind of slipped out ;)

Purging never felt so good, lol.