Run Away

I could have run away from the abuse and the feeling of being unloved.  It is so easy to to pack up and turn your back on everything and just walk away without looking back.  I tried it once and got as far as the end of the block then I stopped the  car and had a good cry.  I must have cried for well over an hour.  Feeliing confused, drained mentally and emotionally.  Then I just sorta sat there and staired out of the window into nothing

Then all of a sudden things became more clearer and I realized that running away from my problems will never solve them so I decided to turn back and face them head on.  Somedays are worse than others and I wonder what the heck Im doing but other days have their rewards and just being grateful for the little things I am given helps me cope with the more difficult days.

tatteredwings tatteredwings
2 Responses Apr 18, 2009

It sure does :)

I hear ya! An attitude of gratitude goes a long ways towards making our road a little smoother.