My First Sex

i came to know wht sex is when i was 12. one day when i was playing outside a woman who was of around 25 years of age called me in her home.
when i went in there she started asking me how she looks in her red dress.then started changing nother dress infront of me.she started showing her **** n ***** n came close 2 me sat bside me n  started asking whether i masturb or not.i said i do.then she came close 2 me n asked 2 show my ****.i got nervous .then she opened my shorts n started sucking it.after 10 mins i've *** in her mouth.then she started forcibly riding on my ****.it lasted for 30 mins...................thats how it went. that is my first sex n she is my sex teacher. it lasted for almost 4 years .twice in a week i used hv with her. she was awsome..
keast keast
22-25, M
1 Response Aug 11, 2010