So Much.....inside.

  I  hold so much inside.    So many things to tell people, my sister about how her husband gave me downers when I was 14 and screwed me in my parents living room when they came to visit.  While she slept in my room he came out and F^cked me on the bean bag.   


 Just  so many that would be devastated by what I hold in.  

 My heart is  such that I could never.   But I think about it when I am angry.  


 I do not mean anyone here. I do live in a real world too.  

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4 Responses Mar 21, 2009

She did not tell you that your fater was dying....That is sooo cold....<br />
<br />
I lknow that is hard....But with you not telling...Just who are you protecting.....You...from your sisters wrath.....your sister from being married to such a creep......Or him....The perv. that drugs little girls...Just to get a easy piece.....<br />
<br />
Me...I say....tell her...and the cops......You might be protecting another little girl....I mean give a 14 year old downers...and then get a piece......Sounds like he had it planned all along.....Sorry if I am harsh here....But a guy played with my 14 year old daughter....People covered for him...Said that he would never do that.....I mean why would he rist his appointment to the Police Academy.....Well he was lucky that he did not go to jail....<br />
<br />
Sorry...Singer going back into the woodwork now...<br />
<br />
Carry on....

Your right sweet, you are blessed to have the loving relationship with your hubby. Your sister will have to pay sooner or later for her actions. You keep strong. You have such a great attitude and you have the grace to forgive such horrendous behavior. negativity,grudges,hateful feelings are as a cancer the only one that it will hurt is you and it will eat at your soul, let it go, get rid of all the old clutter in your life. Do some internal Spring cleaning... Hugggs

God bless you. hope you find peace of mind.

Sweet, try not to lash out because you were hurt, but you need to find a way to get these feelings out, keeping all the secrets in will just make you bitter and continue to haunt you. I'm glad you have this forum to let it all out. We love you and want you to find peace with the past. do or find what ever it is that will purge you of all the injustices you have had to endure in your life, it's hard to think about tomorrow with yesterday haunting you. God bless