Mainly From Employment

I am very discrete and always will keep those secrets

But in the case of past employers, through old contacts in my journalism, there are many secrets that I held but never published as basically was nothing in my interest nor interest to the actual story I was at the time writing.

I have high profile employers who have made racist remarks and am just awaiting them making their own downfall.  I have had to help the author of an agreement help translate her own work, and know her true source of speeches and research. But alas, I keep schuum.

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3 Responses Mar 21, 2009

Oooh Flutters has 'hand'.. n-i-c-e<br />
<br />
Open up Sleepless.. lets hear some dirt.

It's hard being ethical sometimes, but contractural obligations and the risk of litigation are good motivators to take the high road.<br />
<br />
~ I can't wait before I see this title: SPEECHLESS, THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY ~ baited breath.

I can relate kind of... I know some public people that act one way in private, and another way in public. It is sickening....