He Who Had An Affair

If the wife of my ex-bf knew the extent of the affair he had with me, she'd dump him...

How he convinced me they were over, that she was overseas and that they supposedly weren't on speaking terms (when in fact I doubt now she was overseas at all).... how he led me to believe we had a future, how he bought me luxurious gifts, had a joint bank account with me, had a flat rented in both of our names, how he spent many nights and weekends with me, how he gave me half of his casino winnings (a very significant amount of $), how he had more dinners with me in a week than with his family.... so many things, if she knew about all this she would be livid!

I'm sure she'd stay though, as he has a lot of money, and unfortunately money = power, no doubt about it. That's why he gets away with the things he does.

Sometimes I feel pity for his wife, as he's always working till late at night, he's probably got a new gf by now, and/or pays to sleep with girls, all while she's at home with the kids. In a flash home, with plenty of money, that's why I think she wouldn't ask him to go. And so she has to put up with it.

I could hurt many lives if I told her the truth, ALL OF IT. But what do I have to gain? Bad karma. So, although people do know of our past affair, how I was his mistress, I doubt they'd tell her.

IndigoPeachblossom IndigoPeachblossom
36-40, F
Mar 21, 2009