The Ideal Life

I would love to get on to an island and live , catch fish etc to eat and live of what`s growing there and grow food to eat, Put up a cabin to live in and then enjoy my life 24/7 No rules to live by and do as you please, yes i would like to take a few things to make life easier, Gun for hunting, maybe solar power system , a bed and matteress, as i like some comforts, but No mob phones or any way to contact the world at all, and not see another person apart from the wife who would have to come along. And forget the worries of the world.

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1 Response Feb 11, 2010

Sounds good to me !<br />
I happen to have that set up going on -- on a part time basis. I am 52 y/o and when I was 25 I built a small log cabin in the forest on the shore of a 7 sq mile lake. <br />
<br />
I still work so I cannot be there all the time........ but I go there whenever possible.<br />
<br />
Just me, the birds, the water,trees and wind.......... and the occasional moose !!!<br />
There are no people, buildings, concrete, traffic, noise .....nothing ...just nature and me.<br />
I love it thoroughly.