Basically a lot of people from school (and my first job - old supervisor loves to tell me how wonderful the old staff are and how well they are doing) have moved on with their lives and seem happy. A lot of them have the things I want, family, jobs, experiences, etc. I won't lie and say I'm not slightly bitter and jealous. But I'm also happy for them. One day I will have the things I want I'm sure.


But as long as the fulfillment of my dreams won't be an illusion, like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (the end of the rainbow always evading us). It's those sneaky Leprechauns moving it I'm sure. I'm always trying my best to get there but then it moves. See what they don't tell you is that rainbows don't have an end. A rainbow is actually a circle.




After all this fruitless rainbow chasing and the Leprechauns taunting me, I will go home and try to relax. Then when I can;t the Leprechauns will appear and tell me life is a ***** but we can share a pint. I'm not the type to dance but I guess maybe if they enchanted me while they sang to me...?

outofphase outofphase
26-30, F
Mar 5, 2010