Oh Yes, I Could But I Won't....

I grew up on and around Marine bases.  I know all the words and how to use them.  I even know how to string them together in a colorfully intense sentence that would make a sailor blush!  BUT  I don't....

I find that cursing loses its "magical" property to calm me and make me feel better if I use it sparingly.  It should be labeled "Use ONLY As Needed".  There is nothing like letting off a choice word or three when you hit your toe on an immoveable object, shut your finger in the car door or just get fed to the gills by an idiot....what do those people who curse ALL the time say?  Who would know when they're angry, when every other word out of their mouth is the F-bomb!  Constant cursing in everyday speech simply shows your lack of command of the English language.

Yes, I can make a sailor blush and a Marine choke on his morning java but I don't ...... unless you make me very angry or I hit my toes ;')

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29P usmc right here. OohRah west coast

Well, I for one, pay no attention ... they always curse so it doesn't faze me. Lol, if I let loose everyone turns and stares and my boys mumble "run for your life, save yourselves"... hehe, now that's what I call an attention getter :)

Hmm... all I can say is I WASN'T giggling!!! It's a mud pit right now, but I'll get it back to looking beautiful when Spring comes around. Call me and we'll visit :)

Omg yes, you should do it :) I still can't believe they killed your willow tree and ran over all your flowers with that bachhoe.... I'm just glad I didn't see your face when Trooper told you :O

Rofl, you're right Sis, I need her on any given day when facing the dreaded day creatures! I'm still thinking about hiding her in the backyard just in case those garden nazis come back to tear up something else!! I LOVE having a TK expert in the fam.... whew, wouldn't they be surprised =D

Hehe, well just do what I do, Take Brooklynchick with you everywhere you go and you will never have to curse again....she'll beat you to it!! You and I can just hang back and watch her go to town :)

Lol, yes those who know me never have to guess whether I'm angry or not...... I rarely curse but when I do look out! :)

nothing like a few well chosen words to sort the men from the boys giggles. I agree sparingly used is best.

Hehe, I was taught to choose my fights carefully and when I fight back.....take NO prisoners! :)

LMAO You certainly could make a sailor blush, I've seen you let loose on someone.....it's wild! I swear I saw the air turn blue!! Aaw, but I love you cause you don't take crap from anyone ;')

Hey Katje! Haha, no I don't often let loose but the older I get the more I WANT to! I find myself impatient with the goofballs of life :) ((hugs))