Soyfree, Needs Protein.

I have the best health when eating a high protein, low carb diet. As a vegan, I would need to eat tons of soy. However, I avoid soy like the plague because it is very processed and has bad affects on your hormones and health. I prefer game meat and home grown fruit/veg over super processed estrogen-filled "food."
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1 Response May 6, 2012

I to do best on a high protein, and fat, very low carb diet. I think paleo or primal diets are the best. Modern processed soy protein which is the foundation of imitation vegan "meats" is pure garbage and should not be sold for human or even animal consumption, so is processed soybean oil, it is nothing like traditional soy foods that are used in some Asian diets, such as miso, natto, tofu and soysauce.Modest amounts of fermented soy such as miso and natto, is good for the digestive system and add interesting flavors to food. Tofu is fine, in moderation of course, as long as it is not it a primary source of protein. Too much unfermented soy contains substances that not only could disrupt reproductive hormones, excessive amounts can adversely affect the thyroid, unless one is consuming enough Iodine.The best source is shell fish and seaweeds such as kelp.