I Eat Meat!!!... Nom Nom Nom! :)

....Sorry *wipes mouth* let me explain first if we are supposed to eat meat and the secondly why I could not live without meat.

Are we supposed to eat meat?

Whilst we are obviously not Carnivores and equally obviously not designed to be strict vegetarians either which makes us omnivores...if you carefully examine the anatomical, physiological evidence.

we have features clearly designed for eating meat, our stomach's production of hydrochloric acid, something not found in herbivores. Furthermore, the human pancreas manufactures a full range of digestive enzymes to handle a wide variety of foods, both animal and vegetable.
Also our teeth and length of intestine (not as long as a herbivore) show solid evidence we where designed with eating meat.

also vegetarian people can often become malnourished and severely underweight.

We have eaten meat as long as we have been alive BUT.... we are also not designed for eating meat alone as we cant support the high fat content etc. we also do not create vitamin C like a carnivore dose.

The question still remains un-answered and there is no simple answer... In the end if you live a vegetarian lifestyle or an omnivorous lifestyle, it has less to do with the anatomy and more to do with ethics, religion, personal values and lifestyle.

We are not the only animal that eats meat without (strictly) having to.

my personal opinion is that we are omnivores, that doesn't mean we CANT be vegetarians its a choice at the end of the day.

Why I could never be a vegetarian.

I love to eat meat... I love the flavor and the textures.
If I had never eaten meat before I could easily go without it because I would not have had the experiance of it.
I personally also do not see the animal it came from when I see it on my plate and I have also trained as a chef so can butcher a whole carcus without feeling guilty in the slightest... why should I?
Also I hate fungus of any kind... Tofu I find has a weird after taste and not a lot of flavor same as soy beans I cant eat corgettes they make me sick, I dont like butternut squash, sweet potato, advocardo, aubergine, pumpkin, asparagus, curly cail... the list goes on... there are a lot of vegetables I do like but would be lost without  meat...
I Love pasta, rice, cous-cous, cheese and potatos however... I still dont think I could live without meat...
When I was in asia for 2 weeks all I could think about when I got back was eating somthing meaty!! cause all they had was rice, fish and noodles... I love asian food but need a solid meat intake LOL.

AND.... Reaustaurants purpously make it hard for vegitarians to eat out.... the trade hates them LOL..
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I want a bacon sandwich now...

HA HA HA HAAAA THAT is hilarious!!!..

LOL I love oriental food... and the Japanese especially work wonders with tofu! the texture is still off but they put flavor into it.<br />
I did a tour which took me to Japan, Korea and china I loved it and I loved the food, so it was only really hard when I realized I had to stay there for an extra week!!... lol<br />
I spent 2 weeks in shanghai and a week in Korea and japan combined. OMG!!! I did eat KOBE beef though!!!!!!!! MY GOD THAT STUFF IS AMAZING!!!!!! *drools*.... I want some more, but it was very expensive!..

I do, I do :)

WOW!!! You really like your meat...lol.