Meat Is What I Eat

I eat meat almost everyday. If I never tasted it, then I could probably be a vegetarian, but since my family fed it to me, I can't get enough of it...I absolutely LOVE steak especailly flank steak, its one of my favorite foods to have. Ham is meat right? Well, even if its not, I love to eat ham marinated in pineapple juice or something and have a side of some mashed, it takes soo good. I have a couple of friends that are vegetarians and I sort of understand how they can be one. All of my friends say the same thing: they don't like to eat meat because they picture that it came from whatever animal and to them its disgusting or distasteful.

I tried one time to be a vegetarian. The day after fourth of July, I think, either this year or last year, my friend Katrina and I decided to be vegetarians because her mom is one and we wondered whether we could do it. So we made a pact to not eat meat for a week and see what happened after. Well, when I got home and my mom was making dinner, I totally forgot about my pact of being a vegetarian and ended up eating some steak, thus ending my reign of being a one. lol,...Later, I called up Katrina and told her that I ate meat, and she said that she did also, by eating a hambuger. So, yes, at one point I tried to become a vegetarian, but it didn't work out so well,. :P

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2 Responses Jan 16, 2009

Everyone says this, until they do it. I never thought I could be one, I ate meat every day, tons of it. One day i just decided not to. It's better that you prepare for a day without meat, as global population rises we won't have room to dedicate land to raising meat, it's more ecologically sound to use the land to grow food for us. Sooner or later we're all gonna be eating textured vegetable protein. Oh stop it, it's not that bad once you get used to it.

I could easily become a vegetarian, but if I did, I'd soon be much fatter even than I am today. Some people can eat carbs; I *wear*them -- around my middle. Bread, pasta, tortillas, beans, peanut butter and jelly, guacamole, red beans and rice, sweet juicy fruits, mashed potatoes (gravy's nice, but butter is just fine, thank you), pancakes, cereals, candy, candy, candy, and every kind of dessert you can think of! <BR><BR>I've been on a very low carb diet for months, living on meat, fish, eggs, salads and cheese. It must work, 'cause I've lost about 40 pounds, but if I could eat all those carbs without gaining, I'd become a vegetarian in a heartbeat. [SIGH]