Being An Air Force Girlfriend.

Being an air force girlfriend has opened my eyes to soooo many different things, but one thing is for certain; i would NEVER cheat on my airman, Nathaniel Stroud. I grew up with him, and we are both in a military family. A few years down the road i had to move away, I'm originally from Michigan but lived in Idaho when i met my soul mate, and hes from Alabama. Anyways, once i moved we lost contact for 2 years and he met this girl that he dated for almost 20 months, blind sided by the fact that over 16 months of their relationship she was seeing other men. Once we got back in contact, he was back living in Alabama and right there and there I knew he was the one. There was always that cute little girl crush on the southern boy, but he finally mustered up the courage on January 20, 2012 to ask me to be his forever angel. I would have never saw it coming. It completely caught me off guard by total shock, but now that i look back, i wish he could have had a better life and relationship with his ex, but then yet again the anger inside of me wants to meet up with her and kick the S*** out of her, although i know its not the right thing to do. I have put everything i have into a long distance, air force relationship but that urge is never there to be with anyone else. Its a sense of pride that i get when people notice the dog tags around my neck and look at me like I'm crazy. And also to know that his life is put on the line for defending MY freedom as well as all the other people in the world really strikes a cord and makes me step back and think, "man, i'm the luckiest girl in this entire world to have the strongest love there is and also the greatest man to love."
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Well good for you little lady. Good for you. I hope you and you husband are always happy. God Bless

I have to read it again... :(