β€Ž"Love, child! What else? You will find it and lose it, again and again. And with each finding and each loss, you will become more than before. What you make of it is yours to choose." - Kushiel's Scion

What is love? I find it and lose it again and again. I define, and redefine, and re-redefine my refinements. Love is my study, and still I do not think I could tell you - or even myself - what love is.

I know a few things though.

I know that love is an opening.

I know that love is based on trust.

To betray that trust, is a crime unimaginable. A common crime. To take another? I've committed that crime. Yet I cannot see another better way to find a mate than the way we have. Marriage is too tight a cage, dating too lose, what am I to do?

I know that I can live in such a way that trust is never broken. Opening is never closed. I can be honest where others lie. I can find love and lose it again and again and not hurt those I love more than I must.

I could never cheat.

theologian theologian
18-21, M
Dec 16, 2012