If I Don't Love You Enough to Be Faithful, I Just Don't Love You Enough

And we shouldn't be together and we need to go our separate ways. You need to find someone who does love you that much and I need to find someone I love that much.

No one HAS to cheat, you can always end one relationship before you start another. If you have found someone else you want to be with then you should be with that person, but not at the expense of another person's feelings.

I've always said, I would rather be dumped than cheated on, and I mean it.

DelightfulBabe08 DelightfulBabe08
3 Responses Mar 7, 2009

Exactly right. Cheating isn't going to do anything but end an already unhappy situation on worse terms than it has to be. Make peace with your partner and end it on good terms, then move on to your next relationship, cheating isn't helpful to anyone.

Here here, Ive never cheated while Ive been with someone, even when I found out he had been. If its not working, cheating isnt going to solve anything right?

Yes, I can't stand cheaters and I ALWAYS hold the cheater more responsible than the "other" lover.