My boyfriend has cheated on me twice in the past. I wish I could hurt him the same way he's hurt me but could never get myself to do it even if I had the chance. It's the worst kind of pain and I could never put him through it even though he's done it to me. Why do I have to be so kind?
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You just have to move on.. There are better choices out there!

dump him and find a decent bf

Well I think that it shouldn't be a matter of hurting him, it's should be a matter of not letting him hurt you. I mean it's good that you didn't sink to his level, but you have to decide how much more you are willing to put up with.

You and me both my ex cheated on me 10 us times


That's awful :((( I wouldn't stay in a relationship with someone who's cheated that much.. Gotta know when enough is enough. Twice was enough for me.

I left her

Because you have a conscience! :) and he doesn't!!

I have had the same thought. Even when he left me and I knew what he was doing- I couldn't do it to him. Occasionally, even now that we are back together I feel like I missed out. But if I ever got the opportunity? I dont think i would....

We've been apart twice after he cheated both time. I couldn't even get with another guy while we weren't together. I was mad and upset but I still couldn't get myself to do it. It kinda sucks being fully committed to a guy that isn't committed to you.

You are very kind. I wouldn't cheat on mine if I had one, I'll just cut his balls off. Hah. I'm glad you don't play fire with fire, very very mature/responsible and we need more people like you in this world.