Never Have and Never Will

Yes, I've been cheated on, a few times before. And once, I did try to forgive that person... but I just couldn't get past it! When a person cheats, no matter the "reason", it's most unforgivable. I can never trust that person again. And the person doesn't look so good in my eyes anymore. :-/

So, I always dump the cheater and move on. Why waste time on someone who didn't care about me and only wanted what he wanted? I say, if the girl was good enough for that night, she can be good enough for the rest of the nights. I'm packing my bags and goodbye! =p

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1 Response Mar 7, 2009

Good for you! I admire your willpower!! My mom was cheated on by my dad 3 times, and actually divorced her on their anniversary. My dad married the 3rd woman he cheated on my mom with- and she cheated on her husband to be with my dad. Its a tough situation with being cheated on. Its been well over 13 years, and it pains my mom just as bad the day my father told her he was done. Funny thing tho, I think my dad is starting to realize the screw ups and its too late... so I will keep you in my prayers, because you DEFINATELY deserve better my friend! All the best of luck to yea :)