Don't Know How To Forgive.......

5-6 weeks into our relationship my partner cheated on me with a girl that had wanted a relationship with him but he had never wanted her.

He was drunk and she was straight. He had gone to bed in a spare room and she had come in and slipped into the bed.

He didn't say no, it happened, he also stopped and told me only hours later. He is very sorry but I have never forgiven him and have become a very angry person. VERY angry towards him, I don't think I care for him because of it but stayed believing one day it would fix itself and it would go back to how it was.

ALOT of anger towards her wondering why? She had been cheated on. Why would she then do it to someone else? He had spoken all night about how much he was in love with me, how great I was.

He has no feelings for her what so ever, she wasn't that nice of a person. So there was no emotional attachment. Thats why I don't understand even more.

I don't understand why this had to happen. I had opened up about my previous horrible relationship and I really believed him.

He is a great, generous guy. Very sensitive. We just fight all the time now. I must not have any respect for him, I have gotten physical. I really need help.

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1 Response Feb 20, 2010

What i think you just need to check his emotions for you, Then it might be some betterment in your relation because may be he have admitted his mistake, And want reestablish his relationship with you, If you will give him a chance with open heart he will be in your command forever otherwise there is no way to be in love with each other and he might be decide to leave you regarding your behavior with him.