He Means To Much

I have been cheated on a couple of times in the past. I remember how much it hurt when i found out. The guys would alwys come to me as if nothing ever happened and i think thats what made me so sick.
I met my current boyfriend through a friend at work, and its been 2 years and some odd months.
I could never see myself with anyone else. He has gained my trust and he is the most loyal man i have ever meet. Even when i am not with him, i don't go looking at other men and thinking to myself how i want to be with him.
My boyfriend means the world to me and he has done so much for me emotionally that i coud never explain it to him. I know when he met me that i was a total wreck, on the inside.
He's my world! We both want to spend the rest of our lives together and for once in my life, i am excited and can't wait to be his wife.
Lifeoutofashes Lifeoutofashes
Nov 8, 2010