Not Possible For Me....

Its impossible for me to Cheat on the man that I Love. I Just can't do it, something in me, won't allow it, and I just will not do it. Even if I could cheat on him, I never would. he means way too much to me. Nothing in this world is worth risking losing the man I Love. He is what makes my heart beat so many times, and he is what keeps me going on. Not having him in my life would really suck, there would be no reason to go on. I don't even think that I am capable of cheating. I have never done it in the past, although I have been cheated on, its just something that I have never thought about doing. I think it is just downright wrong in every possible way. To cheat on the one you Love, who does that? B has cheated in the past, not on me, but he has cheated. Does that mean I believe in the saying "Once a Cheater, always A Cheater? No! I mean he was a Child! He wasn't in Love, he was just a silly little boy, who wanted to be "cool" So no, I don't believe he will cheat on me, sure at times I have my doubts but over all, I trust my man, and I believe in him. I would hope that he would leave me, instead of cheating on me, I believe I can live with that better. He does know, that if he does cheat on me, there will NOT be any second chances. I would Never cheat on the man I Love. Not for the Life of me. My Love for him is too strong, and its all his to have.

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Feb 19, 2010