There Is No Me, Without U



                           Ur love is as just as bright as the Heaven's sky, which over flows with our Higher Powers.

               U are what makes the Heaven's so bright and beatiful, with our higher powers love and ur's put together, for there wouldn't be a light switch too make this world a better place, if it wasen't for both of  u!

         At night when I take a walk down an alley path in the mist of a dark night; when I am walking alone and ur resting at home, I have never feel scared, because I see thoes stars above shinning with lots of glimmering protective hope, its because the stars wouldn't confromt me with our higher powers and u, for if thoes stars didn't make me feel protecteted, then I know I have astayed away too far!

                   The skies are always so bold, bright, and amazing too look at, just as I look into ur blue eyes, Frank they are bright, bold, and amazing!

       My heart has been torn too shreds and left for dead, but if it weren't for u, my soul mate and life partener, my heart would've already died with its cold as ice fire and there would be no fire anymore, for its u that I live for each and every day I am able to take a new breath of life into my lungs, right underneathe our higher powers above!!


             Its ur love that sends me too another place; another place which I have never felt this way: I feel so happy, I feel that I am ready to settle down, I feel protected but not in bad ways or like I am suffating with no air, I feel like I have harmony in my life, I feel there is a balance in my life that wasen't here before, I feel my heart beating now more than ever, for its  fallen in love but with the right person now, I can now see my heart's fire burining with deep, passionate, strong, true, and pure love for u, Frank!!!

  My life without u baby would be like this: I would have no hope too hang on too, my heart's fire would burn out and dry into nothing but ashes inside, the stars in the sky wouldn't shine without u because u are what makes thoes stars so special just like the way I see u, u are extreamly special too me, the Heaven's wouldn't shine in so glouris light without u, life here on this planet would die of stravation for if u were not here to spend every awaking moment with u and the blessing u pour from Heaven above, I would loose my way without u, Frank ur not only my bf, ur my soul mate, ur my partner in life, u are what makes my heart beat, u are what makes my lungs breathe, and most important u are my best friend!!!

                      Life without u would be inpossilbe too live, for if u were not in it, this world would die without ur love and the Heaven's love put together!!!!!!!



             Decatied to my bf, best friend, soul mate, and life partner Frank

mysterygirlsky mysterygirlsky
26-30, F
2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

ty so much for ur comment iljano19, that is so sweet of u especially ur support:}

Nicely said very nice ur relationship will be very long and blissfull