I Could Sit And Stare At The Ocean All Day

I Could Sit and Stare At the Ocean All Day Alone, in misty ocean air,
Amidst the shore, I sit and stare.
Fathomless realms of endless blue-
Reflect the love I still hold for you.
A love seemingly never-ending.
Ever deeper in depth descending.
Dazzling in the sun by daylight,
Weeping with the stars at night.
A beauty somewhat paralyzing.
A memory so mesmerizing.
With emotion of soul still set aflame,
Unconsciously, I call your name.
In heart crying out for what's missing,
I remember holding, touching, kissing.
In bleeding passion, begging for more,
Making love upon this very shore.
In rising tide, taking my stand,
My feet cemented in the sand.
With burning waves of freezing fire-
Rolling in higher and higher.
I hold my vow, I will forever.
Letting no dying dream dissever-
From my heart what I know to be true,
The pure bliss of loving you.
But before the break of dancing dawn,
If but in the shadow of Hope, drawn.
A soul will cease to ache and need.
A heart at peace, no-longer bleed.
In idle longing, undertaken-
By the Night's tide, ne'er again forsaken.
In all my love, perfect and true,
I'll drown in waves of endless blue.
gr8jesus gr8jesus
51-55, M
10 Responses Aug 13, 2010

Thank you so kind....my friend wanderingsage....:)

Thank you so much my friend But i think Love has many different meanings to all different types of people There are many stages of love at different ages and different types of love This is all about the real definition of love My definition of love is caring about someone so deeply that your like would be very different with out them there would always be a little piece of yourself missing if they pass away or leave you When I think of love I think of a couple sitting by the ocean holding hands and kissing “Love is an incredibly powerful word .....:)

From those beautiful words. i think you must have experienced some beautifully powerful love :) xox

An exquisitely written poem my dear, so deep the love you have for this woman. The last line sounds like you will end your pain by drowning in the ocean. A very sad thought indeed. But i appreciate the raw and pure emotion of which you write. Love is depth. You have expressed it so beautifully. Thank you for sharing .. soooo good ! xoxoxoxoxox :)

Thank you for reading and commenting Many thanks. Appreciated. .....:)

Thank you kindly..I appreciate your nice comment......:)

"drown in waves of endless blue" <br />
<br />
This line is my favourite. Pure poetic imagery. <br />
<br />
Very nicely written. Kudos.

You are sweet ..thank you for commenting .........:)

Oh my! This really is superb. Beautifully crafted, spiritual and sensual, mesmerizing and unforgettable. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. And oh, don't ever stop celebrating that love!

You are sweet ..thank you for commenting .....

Most beautiful I must say,you have a beautiful spirt inside you and I feel like a good frind to that spirt of love.God is good all the time,knowing he will never leave us gives me abundance of joy in my hours of loneliness.My He pile armfulls of all that you need upon you this day and bless you with His love that understands everything we go through.<br />
Love in Christ, Sue-Trails