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Sitting On The Dock

When I was younger (likealmost 30 years ago) we lived in Coos Bay, Oregon.  My step-father couldn't get a job, in a sense.  He supported us by taking us out on the docks, and loading crab nets with chicken parts, and reeling in the crabs every hour.  Made a pretty good stash selling them to local markets, and brought home dinner every night.  I still like crab, but not like I did then.  In the winter time we would go through the forrest, cutting down boughs from evergreen trees.  We would make wreaths and sell them...  Fun times.  I just remember how beautiful the Pacific Ocean was, and since we left, I've only been back once - temporarily.  It doesn't look the same in San Diego.  I really miss the docks in Coos Bay.  Watching the sun set every night...  The sounds...  The smell of the ocean...  I miss all of it.  I've been to the Atlantic, also (lived in Rhode Island) but it's not the same.
MichaelDuMaine MichaelDuMaine 36-40, M 51 Responses Nov 11, 2010

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I remember my time but only visited the beach twice..last time i was there i forgot to use sunscreen and was all u know but nothing beats the view and air of sea.

There are no words that can express the beauty of it.

right on my mom was born in oregon and always talks about how beautiful the ocean is out there ive always wanted to move that way any recommendations?? lol

Anywhere is good. I only stopped there for two days, Dec 31 and Jan 01... Other than this last trip, I haven't been there in over 25 years... Lakeside is where we lived, just north of Coos Bay on 101.

sitting on the dock of the bay<br />
watching the tide roll away<br />
sitting on the dock of the bay<br />
wasting timeeeeee

What a great desc<x>ription of a time in your life.<br />
I could almost tase the crabs and smell the salt and the ocean.<br />
Nostalgia is an amazing thing .<br />
sometimes though I find the memory better than the reality!<br />
Please write more<br />
Snapshots in Time are the best stories to share

Oh, I will. I have written quite a bit actually...

I love Coos Bay!

Thank you for the comment! :)

That sounds awesome! I wish I could crab all day & sell the lil buggers lol. Where do you reside now? I live in Oregon & have never seen such beautiful beaches elsewhere.... Well maybe Hawaii lol.

I recently moved to Rhode Island... The smallest state, from the largest city... Greater metropolitan Denver is actually larger than this entire state! When people say it's far away, they mean like maybe 5 miles... I think of far away to be like 2 or 300 miles...

I live on the Oregon coast, it really is beautiful here =)

I miss it so terribly... But there are some nice spots out here as well... I'm not too far from NH - it's really beautiful out there... We have Rock Island, which is made entirely of rocks that they took out into the ocean and laid on the floor until they built a "breakwater" of sorts to prevent serious damage from the hurricains... Or so I'm told. I can't wait for summer.

i love the ocean too. When im there im a such peace. I was raised on the water too. Thats why im a Marine Biologist. Love your story

Thank you. I love the ocean so much that I have been on each coast more than once, and currently live in The Ocean State... I can't wait for it to warm up a little so I can go water skiing again! I promise to only take marine life that I intend to eat - nothing harmful or meaningless in my hunting...

Really enjoyed your story. I lived on the Pacific coast in California and Washington State. Loved Washington. Like HopalongHowie describes it....perfectly. I am partial to the tamer Atlantic, however, growing up on the Connecticut shore very near Rhode Island. True they are different in some ways and yet when I read your words I felt like I was back on my childhood shore smelling the salt air and watching the sunsets....walking in the sunshine, rain or snow....people in California once asked me if it snowed over the ocean. I said, "No, it stops right at the waterline." Surely they knew I was kidding.<br />
Thanks for the pleasure.

Thank you for the joke! ROFL

Hi ,I love your story...I live about 8 ml. from the oregon coast just in the foot hills of the coast range.<br />
On a clean moutian creek..I get to watch a lot of wild life, and the salmon spawn in the fall..Its a salmon spawning creek no fishing. We are so lucky to have had that in our lives. the wildness, fresh air..The love of nature..getting to live it.<br />
I need to get to the beach more..I love it there..thank you for sharing this rich life you'v had..

Thank you for enjoying the everyday wonders that some take for granted, and others may never know...

What a great father!!! Sounds like you had "the dad he didnt have to be..."<br />
I think you overlooked the one most important thing. You have wonderful childhood memories (as do I ) and that , my friend is the most beautiful thing in the world!!!! I love Lake Michigan, you can not see anything but pure beauty, the sky, water and lovely sand you are sitting on... Takes away your very breath. <br />
Thanks for this great story

I was in Chicago a few years back, and it really was beautiful! The lake, not the city - no offense meant, it was just not that exciting...

u should get up to Shell Beach, San Luis Obispo favorite was to always sit on the beach at Pismo Beach and be mesmorized for hours with the waves and ocean....beautiful strrech of beach left in Ca.<br />
You r a lucky man- hold onto the memories.<br />
thx for sharin

No problem. I only hope to one day make new memories out there again!

Oregon. The sunsets, ocean, forests, rivers, deserts. We have it all. And relatively unspoiled. There really is nothing like a sunrise or sunset here. The colors, smells, nighthawks crying... I am a native Californian. Not ashamed of my roots in Napa County, but since I was brought here by my grandpa, backpacking, nothing compared. This will always be my home. And the home of my daughter's "stepfather" or as she calls him, Daddy.

They actually say you can tell the difference when you enter the state. And that the smog is real bad when you cross over to washington.

I grew up going to the beach all the time also. I used to and still go to Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, and Hermosa Beach. My dad was a fisher man also so we used to accompany him and play in the beach all day during the summers while he fished and kept an eye on us. I know that feeling...of smelling the fresh ocean breeze...listening and watching the waves. It's so nice. The beach is my favorite place to go. I really love it.<br />
Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you for leaving a comment! Beautiful memories!

I've always wanted to visit Oregon. Never been there, but it sounds like my kind of place.

I loved the fog, and the sand dunes... Camping in the mountains was awesome as well!

Great thread...

What a nice story! Thanks for sharing. Those beautiful childhood memories will always hold a special place in our hearts.

I want to go to Maine ,I hear they have the best crab and lobster. I'm super jealous of the life you had growing up! i grew up in stinky Las Vegas,NV,where everyone assumes you live in a casino. No culture for a child to grow up into really sucks. We had to move back to the fricken desert once again,so we are in Phoenix now,I cant believe I gave up Colorado, I love the mountains and love nature,and love the snow,my husband better appreciate me moving back here to be close his family-atleast im going to culinary school. :)<br />
<br />
great story btw!

I feel the same way you do only for me it is the mountains and the country. Some of my happiest memories are of time spent on my paternal grandparents farm way out in the country. I remember fishing in the stream that flowed through their property and walking in the forest that was also part of the property. Grandpa owned thousands of acres and I loved every inch of it. I loved all the animals and the scenery was the best. Grandpa had a completely self supporting farm. They raised and grew almost everything they ate and also fished and hunted for food. <br />
<br />
I've also lived on the Pacific coast and to me it just doesn't compare to the country and the mountains and woods. I also prefer the good country soil and air and the snow much more than I do the salty air and sand at the beach.

I share your love of nature. I love going for a walk in the rain through the fields on a hot summer's day... The way the sun shines through the showers, and looks like something from the Twilight Zone, or the way the sunlight comes through the trees and looks like lasers cutting through the forest.

This is an amazing story of survival and how he made you feel secure by providing from nature.<br />
<br />
thanks<br />

Yes, it was awesome! We went camping while we were there as well. We mined the river for gold, and lived in the woods straight from the Boy Scouts Handbook. Well, we didn't make any hammocks...

I live on an island so I get to see the ocean every day XD

You lucky, lucky girl!

I've seen the beauty on both coasts from north to south. Your Story reminds of my youth and those Beaches. There's nothing like the wild uninhabited beaches to set your Spirit free. This Winter, I may decide to stay on the beach in southern Texas near the Brazos and Boca Chics. It's time for some Surf Fishing and Beach Combing. It's a great place to be with friends. There are some spectacular Sunrises. There's no greater occasion for friends to gather near the Campfire and have a Fish Fry and listen to the soft surf with someone playing a Spanish Guitar and the smooth voice of Mexican Love Songs on a Moonlight evening. This is the setting of my more secure and Serene moments. If I knew others would be there, I would make this a sure Winter Visit. Otherwise, I may opt for the Desert Wilderness.<br />
<br />

Lee - thank you for the comment, and your description of a coastal bar-be-que sounds awesome, and I would love to be there, but I don't think TX wants me to return - ever!

Thank you. i have lived in San Francisco and i having the same experience. i have spent hours together on Pcean Beach watching the beauty of Pacific precious and majestic the ocean beach is few know. i miss you Pacific ocean.

I know! And I miss it sooo much. I'm landlocked here in Denver - beautiful mountains and all, but I miss the ocean!

wonderful :)

Thank you :))

I remember eating some of them - not the pearls, but the oysters, and now I can't even imagine doing it again...

I remember as a child walking with my dad looking down into the water at the oyster shells & wishing I could dive in & retrieve the pearls that may have been in them.

Sshine,<br />
<br />
Thanx for the comment, and I am always happy to oblige. This was one of my first stories, and it is not as detailed as the others I have written, but I mainly write about my past, and memories are number one! :)

I grew up not far from coos bay, though I am allergic I LOVED crabbing there, I now live on the east coast and the Atlantic doesnt hold the same magic that the pacific does, thanks for bringing back my own memories :D

Thank you, Rolle. You are so right in what you said, those are good things, and they are there for me to hold onto from my past. It was a good time.

You had a good life just in those things you mention, didn't you? Those memories will stay with you forever. The sents and sounds....the tastes....the sights of the sun in it's different aspects on the ocean....the legs of the crabs waving wildly....helping your father....all working together making the wreaths...knowing you helped your family....that was good.

Thank you for your contribution KK! I would like to go back just for the smells, and the fog in the morning, and to see what has happened... I remember the smell of the cedar chips on the playground at school. I had a gerbil after we moved to TX, and always kept fresh cedar chips in his cage... Somehow it reminded me of my first love Dennette Swenson, we were just kids, but I had longed for her more than half my life... But that is the past. Good memories. And I really don't have many of those from my childhood.

I lived in Coos Bay, Oregon for a couple of years back around the same time you would have been crabbing with your I completely get what you're saying about the docks in that area. They became my safe haven when I needed to think...or simply regain my sense of self and feel more at peace. It was a very difficult time in my life...and I truly believe the moments I spent on a couple of those docks in and around the empire area helped my state of mind tremendously.<br />
<br />
I had the opportunity to travel back through Coos Bay in 2004...and it wasn't the same place. was the same place...but the magic wasn't there like it had been. Perhaps it's because life goes on...and you never really can go back in time.<br />
<br />
Cool story. Thanks for sharing. :)

@ MToutlaw - I can't wait to be able to return... I miss the sand dunes the most! But absolutely loved sitting on the dock and watching the sun set...

From Coos Bay as well, live in Montana now, but still miss crabbing when I lived there and Bandon

@ DBNoMore - that's what life is all about! We need to be able to look back, and remember the good times on occasion - in order to prompt us to get up, and make some more good times!

Loved your story, loved all the comments. Rehashing the good moments of your childhood can always bring a warmth inside. I grew up on the east coast and reading your story reminded me of many summers as a child - spending them on the lake. We'd fish, swim and sometimes just lay back on the dock looking at the clouds trying to find the many images in them. <br />
When things get tough for me I like to think of those carefree times, those happy times, those warm times. It brings me back to having no responsibilities, no cares, no worries It gives an inner peace back into my soul to know that I have those memories but I haven't let my mind escape to those moments in quite awhile (to much on my plate lately)<br />
<br />
Thank you for your beautiful story and helping me put the brakes on to remember my past a little bit. :-)

@ Samisme - thank you for the wonderful comment! It was just as beautiful as the story, I think.

Loved your story! I grew up on the west coast. Vancouver, Vancouver Island. I went to Tofino and Long Beach this past summer with my sister and my dad, it was an amazing experience. I miss that ocean and the salt air so much. We experienced the crashing waves of Long Beach and the wharf in Tofino. We ate fresh fish and just wandered the docks looking at the fishing boats and the fishermen bringing in their daily catch. My dad lives on the Island and I love to walk along the beach and sit on the rocks in the coves. The water lapping on the rocks and the treasure hunting along the beach when the tide goes out. One day I will be back there to live, there is just no place like it! We can get so caught up in the chaos of life, and it takes a message like yours to remind us to take a look at the good experiences of our lives and learn to let go of the painful stuff. If we don't have good memories, start creating them. Life is short!............................thankyou

It is actually kinda sad that we can not re-visit some of our favorite childhood memories because of re-development programs. Some of the trees I used to climb are now a McDonalds, or a shopping mall...

Willie, I would love to hear about them!

Brain I know I was a mistake, but I turned out okay, before they died. no insult taken, I know how bad I messed up their lives. You're still my Bro, and we're still good! Would like to hear about your time in providence?

Hey willie... liked it so much you left two comments, ey? I would have loved to have been on a ship. The best I've done yet is a 30 foot ski boat... I hope to be able to take a cruise one day. Life is pretty hectic around here. Been around Denver for almost 11 years, and still haven't gone skiing yet...

Oregon, Rhode Island? Crab, Lobster - my very favorite food!

Antoniavwk,<br />
<br />
Do you have a nick name? If you like my stories, we will probably be sharing alot of comments.<br />
<br />
Thank you so much for noting what is really obvious, but most definitely overlooked. I didn't even think of it that way, but yes it is true. Dad tried everything he could to try and provide for us. He wasn't always the nicest, and as a kid I had issues with him, and my mom... But that was all my fault.<br />
<br />
Dad died about a month after mom this year, and I made a tribute to my mom, briefly describing my life, and the hell I put her through, but Dad deserves a tribute also! He was right there beside her the whole time. I'm sure that she probably did want to give up on me, and he kept her strong!<br />
<br />
Thank you. I didn't mean any disrespect to my step-father.<br />
<br />

for some reason, this got me a bit misty-eyed...

You all see the ocean, but I see a great Step-father, <br />
supporting his family in difficult times <br />
and what was he an example for the kids, <br />
that if you try hard, you always can find some thing <br />
to make a living, what a great man

God, I wish I could live like that. I love the ocean! Hopefully, one day. ;-))

Another cool story! The only thing better than staring out over the ocean, is being on the ocean, watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset, nothing like it on Earth! x

And to make love

Thanks for the comment, Howie. Your desc<x>ription is dead on accurate, and poetic. Cool! :-)

There is something magical about the Pacific coast once you get north of Point Conception in California. It seems to make a transformation from manicured tourist beaches to it's truly wild state. <br />
I have lived near it in California, Oregon and Washington almost my entire life and have often tried to describe its wildness and beauty to my girlfriend and how special it is to watch as the sun sets beyond its horizon or how small it can make one feel as you watch a storm crash in to its capes and headlands. Living in the Pacific Northwest now I see its beauty through my camera lens and try and capture it for all to see no matter where on earth they are. Everything has its own beauty it is all in how you look for it.

Your welcome. Thank you for the comment. I will share more soon. I have stories, it just takes a little while to build up to the point of sharing, still a little nervous. ;)