The Ocean Seems To Be Saying "sit And Take & Break From The Rat Race"

My family had moved to an ocean side community in July 1969.   I was seven y.o.  My parents made plans to visit the beach no less than three times a month.  We had a moderate size family pool in the backyard from Harrow's'( the swimming pool specialist).  But nothing can be compared to going to the beach.  The beautiful sea shells & seagulls...I'd ask mom for a  hot dog-- I'd break off  a piece and toss it a good distance to see which one of them(seagulls) would swoop down to grab it.  The amusement park wasn't that far.  You can hear the people screaming on the Coaster and Tornado rides. This is also the summer of my first real life sighting of the Jellyfish.  I  spotted these kids standing around something, using a stick to poke at it.  I ran towards them and looked at a glob of clear half circle object with stringy extensions coming from it.  Mom  walked up behind me and told all of us not to touch it. She heard that Jellyfishes have the ability to 'play dead' &  will squirt some burning liquid that will drain your whole body of blood until your dead. Of course this is not true.  Most of us backed away quickly while the daredevil kid with the stick(and what looks like his sidekick friend) continue to poke at it.
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I've lived close to pacific ocean for two years, and I never tire of it, never take it for granted. I'm reminded of when I was a child and would read, outside: I'd leave in the morning and next thing my mother would be calling for me, several hours having passed. The oceans have the same affect upon me.