I'm going to Jamaica soon so now that it's 5:25 PM in Somewhere, Massachusetts and a dull gray sky and with a half empty cup of coffee at my couch-side table i picture myself in a self- made sand-chair in Jamaica staring out at the open ocean as far as the eye can see and just letting it all soak in. I can picture a lazy feeling coming over me and making my body limp and content. I listen to the metronomic waves and smell what the ocean has to offer and let the sand warm my feet and gently shift to make room for them. I can see sailboats in the distance and start thinking of Led Zeppelin's Comfortably Numb playing softly in the background. I can feel little spots in my field of vision from the brightness of the day and i chase the spots around and they relocated as i catch up with them. I think of picking up one of the 2 books that are lying next to me but too lazy to reach out and too lazy to speak to whoever is laying next to me. Silence is more complete. Speaking breaks things apart and only offers incomplete pieces, fragments, even fractals.
taurusbishop taurusbishop
26-30, M
May 4, 2012