Sometimes A B!+ch Snaps!

...and it's coming...soon. I will precede my rant this by saying I am fully aware and do recognize there are far worse things that could happen to me....That said, I'm unemployed and I've been looking for work longer than I want to admit. I was a professional, made good money (in my world) and everything was sweet, until all of that Goldman Sachs, AIG, subprime mortgage crisis sh!+ happened...then I was laid off. I was in such a niche field and had done it for so long, that I now cannot find this type of work...I've tried transitioning to something else, but nothing is, has or apparently WILL happen for me. I am in an extremely unhappy marriage, and feel like nothing less than a prisoner...can't do a damn thing until I get a job....everything hinges upon my getting a job and it's just not happening. The only thing that's keeping me from going back to my hometown (or elsewhere) is my twelve-year-old daughter. (My son is in college...he doesn't need me anymore.) Yep. I can feel it....I'm gonna snap...and it ain't gonna be pretty!!! I see men with straight jackets in my near future!!!
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<p>Oh man. I'm so sorry. Being laid off was a dark, dark, time I don't care to ever go back to. I know EXACTLY what you mean about being in a niche profession and finding oneself overqualified for many types of employment. Worse, as the damned thing stretches on, the spouse, at first sympathetic, turns on you. You begin to wonder if they're right and you ARE a worthless, money-sucking, lazy, problem-magnetizing, waste of air.</p><p>Please believe me: it ain't so.<br />
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Looked for more detail on the "unhappy marriage" but seems you may have chosen not to write a story about that here yet (?) In any event, here's hoping YOUR journey will see a silver lining. I know it's terrifying to start over in our 40's. Hang in there!! ((hug))</p>

(((((Hugs)))))<br />
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A friend will always be around to chat. Talk with me, I just can't see a straight jacket and your gorgeous eyes going together.

LOL! I can go from zero to psycho in a matter of seconds! XOXO