My Name Is Nrdi And I'm Addicted To Pretty

bright colorful lights, music, clothing. a person. anything with glitter, anything that sparkles. art of any kind. if it fits my defination of pretty i want to do nothing but stare at it for as long as i can. that's so weird i know, but i can't help myself. what is my defination of pretty? a black and white photo of a ballet slipper, a girl with pink hair wearing a neon tank and blue kicks, a well prepared gourmet dish...the list is endless. and i can't seem to get enough of it. the world seems so dull. so lifeless. when i come across something that catches my eye i'm like someone lost in the desert who just spotted a case of water. i need pretty things, i need to surround myself with pretty. if you still don't understand i don't blame you. i know most people enjoy art and i know many travel the world searching for beauty but i think what i feel is not so much enjoyment but a necessity. idk...i've known myself for 24 yrs and i'm still trying to figure me out.

nrdi nrdi
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 14, 2010

always glad to know im not alone and at least someone understands thanks :)