The Eros in me and the Beast in me,
How they both loved her so dearly,
My flaming kisses plunging into boundless bliss,
From her cheeks I crawl along her spine,
To her jaw from her shoulder brushing my lines,
I breath my passion as i reached her neck,
Stirring her soul is my glorious act.

Oh now is the best place to be,
Where i can stop and take a rest,
Oh there's nothing better than between her bre-ast,
I took my time to caress with ease,
They deserve everything to be pleased,
From nuzzling to kissing,
To E-V-E-R-Y thing..
Inch by inch utterly tantalising,
Oh and when she mo-ans..
As I scrape my stubble against her ni-pples,
Oh again that exquisite sound of her mo-ans,
As I felt them from soft then stiffened,
Unlike her eyes, they're staring without blinking,
She arches her body with tremulous grace,
I stroke generously her lovely pointing bre-ast,
With our eyes are fixed,
I slowly licked..
Toying her ***-s with tweak upon tweak,
Lic-king and suc-king,
As she was stirred amidst the glorious twirled,
I sink my teeth in a sudden,
Put sharp pangs in her for a moment,
Into a madness invitation!

I drag my ton-gue to the south.

The madness begins when my ton-gue flicked around her petals,
Exploring each very tip where the sun never settle, Enthralled by the taste and scent,
I am lost in absolute divine..
When her mo-ans become louder,
And her gro-ans getting rougher,
The maw of her pulsating monster,
Agaping and demanding to be fed!
How it wished me to be inside..

As i saw those lu-strous eyes,
Wishing for trust,
Begging for thr-usts,

Gasping for me?!

I know she is completely be....
NonchalantEros NonchalantEros
31-35, M
2 Responses Aug 30, 2014

U r completely erotica!!!

Is that a good thing? Well,it's a first try

I'm smiling rnt I in the picture!!!

Rnt? What the hell is rnt?


Haha i love your craziness!

I luv u!!


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What a fantastic sensual piece of writing! Thank you for sharing your mind with us! Please don't stop writing erotica...ever!

Thank you for dropping by. I appreciate it.