Hard Head Make Soft Butt

if only he would have hear*hard head make soft butt*we were the best of friends til we cross that line*blind as bats we were only seeing each other*grew unseperable yes we did*years later we shared & produced*eventually somehow we gradually started loosing sight*all kinds of distractions began to work us over*no matter how hard we fought to maintain we just couldn't*so we in seperate directions we went*every now & then we would find little time for each other*during which time we find ourselves wrapped up in a nice knot*as time went on us steady seeing other people*still we found time to share & produce another*not shortly after*we spoke words of marriage*bachelor party not ended well for him*begged him to come spend it wit me*he insist before he left home his mother begged him not to go*hard head make soft butt*still he insist*11 years he shall spend life as a quadriplegia*a bachelor party*a bachelor party*all because of some daggone bachelor party*we never said i do*he lost hope*i lost ALL hope*a few more years went pass marriage was the last thing we ever mention*instead we argue*got so bad til i felt as if we were inventing ways just so we could argue*i was mad at him for leaving me to go hang out with a bunch of friends*he was mad at me for not understanding*he spent most of the 1st few years mad at himself*hard head make soft butt*for a while we stop talking*eventually we started back*mainly on the phone*i'd go n see him*we'd sit n talk whatever*no more talk of marriage for sure now*time went on*he started having bm problems*doctors are only human*never did find the cause*each time they just sent him home with meds*as if it was that was solving the problem*well he up stairs now smiling back down on me & the 2 girls*altho it was a whole year now*feels like it was yesterday*thank god everyday i do for my 2 angels*oldest one looks like me*acts like me*my babigurl*is his identical twin*one thing we will always remember him most by is his smile*when she smiles i see him in plain view*feels as if he's standing smiling & looking right there at me*everytime she comes to visit me*i see him
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