Really In Need Of An One

I would really appreciate a hug from anyone here. I have lot of things going on with my life and its getting too stressful to handle all of it. I would really like a "Its gonna be ok" kind of hug....thanks in
HardikDilSe HardikDilSe
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here's all the hugs ( and kisses ) you'll ever need dear friend XOXOXOXOX

Hugs... I don't know what you are going through but I hope you get some peace in the matter. I for one have had to teach myself that no matter what the problem, we can always learn something from it. I hope that a silver lining can be taken from whatever is hurting you.

*Virtual "it's all going to be okay" hug*

I hope things get better.

I just checked the original post date, I hope things are already better.

Do you still need a hug? Because here is a quick, gentle one if it will help.

I'll always be here for a hug. One of my friends thought my name on here, was because I hug my friends, a lot.

hahaha....yeah....even i thgt that too at first

Hugs to you at the start of the week. x

in such times of our life.. we always ask for a hand or a a pack up from someone close to our heart.

((((((((((big hugs))))))))))

aww...I know the feeling!...big *Hugs* from me to you! :)

wowww....thanks.....thats real nice of you....

Things would become alright as they go. Get your spirits up.. you are stronger than you think.:)

hey...thanks for those kinds words....I am thinking about getting down with spirits too...just kidding....i know i am gonna be fine....thanks

hugs! :)

awwww....thats sweet....thanks... : )