Do I have any volunteers?

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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I do what i can!

Yes you do!

hard not to enjoy yourself around me. I bring out the best in everyone.

Well we will both enjoy ourself then .

I like to listen to when i am around someone i enjoy.

I am excited. I love to listen.

That would be the weirdest thing in the world to go to dinner and not talk.. I don't talk to often so just be warned i can talk a lot when someone starts convo with me.

Does that mean you will have dinner conversation with me?

A happy stomach is a happy arorin.

Well I guess nothing.

What else could you need!

You got that right! Steak and chocolate mmmm.

Hard not to look forward to a steak!

I am so looking forward to that steak now.

Can't have a steak with out a drink of sorts.

I don't think I can eat a 30 ounce one but I will dayum sure try. Can I have a chocolate milk shake too?

Of course a big one! I know a place that will serve them 30 ounces.

I want a big one too, not one of these little fillets!!!! Bring on the pounder for me.

I agree with you MMMMM on the steak.

I think we should go to dinner too. I am in the mood for steak. MMMM

Well awesome i actually get candy this year!

Of course Gungle. There is always room.

You certainly are getting a lot of attention. U got room for ONE more valentine?

Ar, I will get you some candy lol.<br />
<br />
Andy, You are quite clever. ((hugs))<br />
<br />
NS, awwww thank you sweetie.

Roses are red, Violets are blue,.... There's not one thing I like about you... it's Everything.

cant i have candy or something it is vday soon!

LOL yes it is but this is harvested stuff. I got used to eating it .

I dunno, but i have felt the stuff on the bottom of a lake.. it is so bad!

it isn't bad... Is it the one with the blue-green algae in it? That tastes like licorice.

the natural thing they have is seaweed.. That sounds so bad though.

Yes take it back for something else.

Last time it just made me sick but this time it was more physical..

I think you should if it makes you heart hurt.

Im going to take them back i think. I really hate meds,, always have. My body just doesn't handle any of that stuff at all.

Ewwww be careful.

It made my heart beat really fast. Painful and it felt good at the same time, but my chest hurts where my heart is.. Family history of heart problems.

Noooo how?

I can't i think i really hurt myself today with them.

LOL I like it. Take a few more lol.

i am getting to sappy today.. those diet pills had something in them to improve my mood..

Not at all. You make me happy.

It is cool i just thought i said something to make you feel sad.

I am typing in the dark/ sorry.

o ok.

Oh it was supposed to be a smiley.

Then why the sad face?

You are being nice.

i thought i was being nice?


You have tons of people who love you. At least here you do. gotta be better then nothing.

-_- are you being serious?

No, no one loves me so I don't like it.

I thought you would like Vday?

I sure did Xander and in fact I am on the phone with you right now literally.<br />
<br />
ICB, I love you too girl.<br />
<br />
BB, ((hugs and kisses.)

Stoner, I doubt that!!!

Love you girl..

My guess is that you'll need traffic control on Valentine's.

LOL I am always sporting it girl.

That I already knew you were either naked or sporting some VS... And here you are.

What Bluebie?<br />
<br />
Aly, What color? red? Oh I need my bottom patted and my hair pulled too. It has to be authentic lol.

See what I mean? lol

awww thanks Aly. Will you let me wear sexy lingerie for you?

LOL I dread Valentine's Day!

Where does the line start? :-)