Not Sure When I Really Noticed It...

But I am horny about 95% of the time (since I am not exactly sure how horny I am when I sleep).  

I think of sex all the time.  I think of ways to get off all the time.  I have tons of toys I use on myself.  I tend to surf the net too often to try and find something new that will excite me.  I see a woman (almost any woman) and try to imagine what type of underwear she is wearing.  I love to see a womans thong or string showing.  Better yet that woman in the low-rise jeans with no underwear on.  That really gets me going.  Not a fan of huge breasts as I think they are a waste of space.  sorry, if I offend.  BUT if they are natural, then great.  If they are fake, then just move on.  I will take that flat chested woman any day over somebody who can not safely run because of her huge assets.  I love kinky women.  Those that have the same erotic streak as me.  I just wish I knew more of them!

Javan Javan
41-45, M
Feb 25, 2010