********* Come True (another new story just below)

I've always had a little bit of the voyeur in me, I think. Growing up in the Midwest, it was a liberating experience to live in CA for awhile and go to the nude beaches along the SFran coast. I found that I liked men watching my wife as she splashed naked in the cold surf. Some times the watchers would move their blankets closer to ours so they could get a better view, and it was exciting to watch them try to get a good look and see their ***** thickening as the sun shone on my wife's hard nipples and smooth skin.... Once we were picked up at a bar--we'd been drinking a lot of wine--and went to a couple's house. They were older, and great conversationalists, and we were young and naive. Pretty soon they were getting very amorous, and doing massages on each other. My wife freaked out a bit and we had to leave--I of course didn't want to. I wanted to stay and see where things went.... Anyway, that experience stayed with me for many years while we raised our kids, got our careers in full swing (hehe). But while we had a good sex life, there was no swinging back in the Midwest. Still, once the kids were in high school and then college, our sex life picked up. I discovered a couple of adult sites on the internet that I liked, including one about voyeurism. It had a sense of humor, and the people who posted their pictures were normal adults--a full range of ages and body types. I gathered up courage to show my wife the site (after she'd had some wine), and carefully selected pix of wives who were not bombshells. I casually said, "You're in way better shape than those women--we should post some of you." She laughed it off, but by then I had entered the digital age, with a decent camera, and began taking a lot of shots of her. I think it was flattering to her when she saw the results (I'm a pretty good photographer), and eventually she gave me the green light to post some face-blurred pix. The reaction on the site was GREAT--lots and lots of horny guys and girls out there--and when I showed my wife how great she measured up (ha) on the site, she got into it--cautiously. We kept posting more pix, and the response got better each time. Eventually, a couple of guys became regular "fan", and I started to correspond with them.... But enough for now. I'll continue this very true story if anyone's interested. As a teaser, let me say that while it took some doing, my dreams of a ********* came through big time.... writtenby Bill. Chapter Two (so to speak) I'm very protective of my wife, and so was careful to take our time and be cautious when replying to people "out there" on the internet. However, people's writing and communication skills say a lot about them. That and "proof photos", ones that gurantee the person is who he says he is. After 2-3 months of writing and sending pix back and forth, my wife and I felt comfortable with "Patrick" from Texas. Which was a long way from where we lived, but he was a business man, early 40's, divorced, and flew around quite a bit. We agree to meet in Minneapolis. The anticipation is a rush for me, and was for my wife, too, though she downplayed it I think so as not to appear over-eager, but also because she still a little unsure of the whole adventure. We checked into our room, got cleaned up and dressed up, and went down to the lobby to meet him at 6 p.m. At 6:05 he hadn't shown, and I was getting nervous--but then the elevator opened, and out stepped Patrick. He looked smaller than in his photos--he was about 5-9--but very trim and fit, a soccer player. Salt and pepper hair and a nice, professional look with a black polo shirt and expensive slacks. We made some fumbled introductions, then I shepherded us off to dinner nearby. The dinner went well--we all drank some wine fairly quickly--and talked about everything about why we were here. Only during dessert, was there an opening--provided by Patrick. He looked at Bobbi and said, "Well, you are actually prettier in person than your photos show." "I'm showing a lot less in person, too," she said--and we all laughed. Then we talked about the adult site we had intersected on, and how we had come to choose him for our first adventure. He confessed that he had a "thing" for 'slightly' older women--Bobbi laughed at that. She was actually about ten years older than Patrick, and he spoke of an aunt he found very sexy. It could have been a bad move, but he was a skilled conversationalist, and made sure he was not equating Bobbi with his aunt.... the waiter came by to ask abotu dessert, and we all looked at each other. "None for me," Bobbi said, with a smile, and we took that as our cue. "Check please," Patrick said quickly, and we all laughed a t that. Soon we were back in our room, a nice suite with a couch and sitting area, the bed behind. I had a bottle of wine on ice, and once inside the room, we were all a bit shy again. Bobbi kicked off her shoes and put her feet up on the coffee table. It was summer, and she had on a nice, silky skirt, her legs were tanned, bare and shiny. I saw Patrick's eyes go to them. "she has million dollar legs," I said with a laugh. "That's for sure!" Patrick said. I said, " Why don't you sit over here by her while I open the wine?" I pretended to be casual and turned away, though my hands were shaking on the corkscrew. When I turned around again, they were sitting close, legs touching. "Why thank you," Bobbi said, pretending I was the waiter, as I handed them the wine. "My pleasure," I replied. Just then, the little radio by the bed lost its station. "I'm gonna go get some better music," I said, and turned away again. When I came back, Bobbi and Patrick were kissing and he was stroking her bare legs. I took his chair across from them to watch. I thought I should try not to be obvious, but then though, What the Hell, and just watched. to be continued...... Bobbi put her feet on the near edge of the table, which mean her knees were upraised, so her smooth skirt fell down. Patrick began to stroke the inside of her thighs, and her knees slowly came open. Soon he had his hand close to her crotch, and then he was rubbing her white lace panties. I was rock hard by then! She stopped kissing him, to tilt her head back and close her eyes--she was breathing hard. Then suddenly she got down on the floor between his legs and started to undo his belt. He had a huge tent by then. She loosened his slacks, slid them down--and his big **** popped out of his silk boxers. And I mean big! We had seen pix of through email, but it's always hard to really tell. And bobbi and I didn't require a giant ****. However, when it popped up she made this little surprised sound that I still tease her about.... Anyway, it was at least 9 inches with good thickness (I have photos in case any of you think this is fiction), and she set about licking and sucking it like crazy. She and Patrick were sort of scrunched between the coffee table and the couch, and I said, "I hate to interrupt, by why don't we go over onto the bed?" "Great idea," they both said. Bobbi glanced at my bulge, and said, "You'd better get out of those clothes too...." On the bed they were quickly out of their clothes, and licking and sucking each other like mad. Bobbi was actually panting with eagerness to get that big rod inside her. We had already discussed the safety part, and we fully assured in several ways, so their was no condom to fumble with. Bobbi spread her legs, but Patrick said, "Maybe you should ride me. I'm kinda big, and it might work better that way at first." In a flash Bobbi was on top, and in one of the most erotic moments of my life, I watched her slowly sit down on that monster ****. I almost held my breath, but needn't have worried. She slowly took it all in, and the looked on her face was esctasy. Very slowly she began to ride it, and I lay close beside, watching, stroking my **** ( a nice seven inches, but much smaller than Patrick's) and trying to not ***. Bobby started coming almost immediately, but just kept riding him faster and faster. Once it was clear she could take him all, he turned her over. Her ankles went straight up in the air, and then she got a heavy duty pounding. He held her buns and rocked her upward to meet his hard-driving strokes--until he groaned and fill her with ***.... When he was done, he rolled off to the side, spent. Bobbi opened her eyes and smiled at me. "You better join in!" I did, and slipped my **** into her *****, the second most erotic moment: I couldn't believe how soft and silky it was. There's nothing like the feeling of warm *** as a lubricant inside her. There was no traction at all, which actually helpled me to hold back a bit. But soon enough the silky feeling was too much, and I shot a large load into her as well..... We had more sex later, then again the next morning before he had to fly away. I got some nice pix, and it was the start of a relationship with him that lasted several months. We saw him about three more times, always had hot sex, but eventually he got married and Bobbi didn't feel right about seeing him then. A few months later we met another guy, older, but a good lover, and saw him several times over a couple of year period. Bobbi is "retired" --for the moment, I hope--from **********, but I hope she'll make a comeback. I loved it, and I know she did, too.... Bill ---------------------- After Patrick, we had ********** with one other guy, older guy, a former football player in college, now balding but still in decent shape with strong legs and big hairy chest. He lived in Chicago, which meant quite a bit of travel for us (Minneapolis), but he came and went to the Twin Cities on business quite a lot, so it was our turn to meet him there. First, my wife and got our hotel room, then had a light dinner and amartini before heading to his condo (he had to work late). He was home when we arrived, and just out of the shower and happy to see us. We had a couple of glasses of wine and got caught up, and I then I arranged to head to the kitchen for more wine, and encouraged my wife to "sit over with Phil" on the couch. She did, and when I returned they were leaning in close and get relaxed and affectionate. My wife was dressing elegantly, in silk blouse, black skirt and nylons, and soon they were making out as I watched. I loved seeinghim unbotton her blouse, slowly, and to see how hard her nipples were under her black lacy bra. Gradually he put his hand under her skirt, and she was breathing heavily. I kept watching, hard as a rock by now, and pretty soon there wer mostly out of their clothes. "Shall we head into the bedroom?" Phil said, his ***** very obvious in his boxers. "By all means," I said. "I'll be in an minute, and went for more wine." For some reason I wanted them to have some time alone, and just imagine what they were up to in his bedroom so I had a glass of wine and looked out at the Chicago skyline. I couldn't hear anything, which was all the more erotic. After close to ten minutes I went to the door way, and nearly blew my wad on the spot. She was riding him like a wild woman, hanging on the headboard as she slammed her ***** down again and again on his ****. They were both panting and sweaty alreayd from hard *******. I took the occasion to snap some good photos (which I have to share), then get naked myself. I participated but only a little, letting her have endless fun riding his **** and letting him **** her from behind. He was the type guy who could go on forever and not come, which was perfect for her.... All in all it was great night! When we got back to the hotel, I gave her a good ******* while she still was sweaty and good smelling for all the sex.... More fun to come, I hope. Bill
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Great story... I got vicarious wood just imagining your experience. No matter how much you might want to share your wife, though, wasn't it a real "gut check" time the first time you saw her with her legs in the air?

I can really relate to the intense feelings you were experiencing as you watched the look of ecstasy on your wifes face as she slowly impaled herself on that monster ****! I so enjoy the thrill of knowing that my wife has surrendered to lust, and has given herself completely, and intensely to another man. My wife was always focused on her partners pleasure and satisfaction. Even though she might be with a complete stranger, she would give him the same type of sexual attention that he would get from a young, horny girlfriend that was head over heels for him. Her favorites though, were the guys who were agressive, and/or dominant. She loved letting these type of men take what they wanted, using her for thier own pleasure, surrendering to their desires along with her own lust.

I think you had an excellent choise of men to make love to ur wife and your story was great u made me horny all day long ...

I believe you but would love to see some of the pics.

Great story Bill, and well written. I hope she begins again to play some. Similar situation with my wife. After many times, she got the guilt feelings, why, I don't know. I do know I miss the **********. It has always been fun sharing her with others. regards, techaos.

Hey Bill, I enjoyed your start of a story. Please continue. We have also had some very similiar experiences. <br />
<br />
regards, G