Serenity Is Sensual

There is something so sensual in seeing the object of you desire wrapped within the blissful serenity of sleep. Of feeling the gentle sway against my chest of each breath. The fresh scent that lingers as I run fingers through satin hair.

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5 Responses Apr 6, 2010

VERY nice DU. I feel the same about watching and holding my love as she sleeps.<br />
LOL .... Yes WIB waking her can be very nice as well!

very nice DU ... watching your loved one sleep is wonderful. Helping them to wake up can also be gratifying too ... lol

It does, which makes it that so much better

So true. And the funny but awesome fact is, the whole open-mouth/drool thing actually represents the subconscious level of trust, comfort, and safety they feel with you.

It is once of the most beautiful things in the world....Even if they're doing the whole mouth open and dribbling thing. They always look peaceful